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New Site!

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Well hello to everyone who continues to read my blog. I’m always surprised when I look at my logs and discover I actually have subscribers. :)

Anyway, I wanted to let you know I have not abandoned this blog… my whole presence is being redesigned as I realise I have far too many projects going on, so it’s going to be restructured as a visual workspace that jumps into each individual project.

First on the list is a Music Photography focused site that I just launched, to target the audience that searches for those photos, mainly, the bands and musicians of Ireland.  You can find it here:

My new role as official shooter for A.M.P. has made most of my time now spent in the music arena documenting the bands and musicians of the area, so I’ve been posting there with great frequency.


Look for the new coming soon… :)

the unknown photographer

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Rarely do I come across something that completely surprises me, and even moves me to my core.

Upon surfing around today, i came across this blog entry from Chris Higgins, about a site he’d found that apparently, he was as moved by as I was… a collection of polaroids, taken once a day from 1979 to 1997. There are a few photo a day projects floating around on the net, but this one is quite remarkable not only for its duration, but also for its outcome. It begins during the photographer’s days in college, and ends after his tragic battle with cancer.

The Man Behind the Photos…

At first his identity was unknown, but after a little digging by the blogger, he discovered the site was the counterpart to an exhibit being prepared in New York. His work is now quickly sweeping across the internet and the impact its leaving is huge.

Take a Look

I don’t often pass along things I find on the internet, but I found this so remarkable, I couldn’t keep it to myself. Please take a look, it’s unbelievable.







bundles of energy

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I haven’t posted about my daughter in a bit, and i’ve discovered that a majority of people who come here are usually only interested in 2 things – the live music photos, or the children photos… Don’t I just love you all. :)

More CSS love coming to you soon… !




She just loves that water pump…

I’ve been experimenting recently with different wordpress installs so I can play with themes and plug-ins without disturbing this live blog, and I’ve noticed a few things I thought I’d share.

Exporting a Blog

As we all know, exporting the blog itself is rather easy. Under you admin panel, go to Manage > Export and choose your author. Easy-peasy right? This export however will only export your posts and associated media (photos, etc). This export does not include your blogroll / links which usually appear in the side bar.

Exporting Links / Blogroll

It would appear that exporting the links / blogroll is perceived as a much more challenging task. I, like just about everyone else, navigated to the Blogroll portion of the Admin area by going to Blogroll > ? … wait a sec, there is no export option for links. There is of course an import option, but what good is that going to do you at this point?

Google to the rescue

I figured I’d do a Google search. Like anyone else who has tried that search, it yields little results. There is a plugin for exporting your blogroll to, and an interesting post by someone who hacked the plugin to be able to simply export the links in a standard format, but most of the other results were the same kinds of discussions on “How do you do it?”


After digging through the many forums on the topic, I found a not-well-advertised link to a simple page that is already hosted by your blog by default. It is basically:

If you stick /wp-links-opml.php at the end of the path for your blog, it will spit out an OPML compliant mark-up page of all your entire blogroll. For example, if you wanted the export of my blogroll, it would be

Interesting. I believe this also serves as the RSS feed for your link list, for those people that like to subscribe to authors who continually update their blogrolls, such as Cameron Moll. His link list is always full of fascinating tid-bits.

What is OPML?

OPML stands for Outline Processor Markup Language which is basically a more specific form of XML for use in structuring data considered to be an “Outline”. For whatever reason, WordPress developers consider a blogroll or link list to be an outline, and therefore, use the OPML definition for structuring the output of your blogroll.

It now appear to be the universal definition for any list of links. What I am not aware of is whether or not WordPress decided that links should be OPML defined first and the rest of the ‘net followed suit, or if an independent third-body decided OPML structure was semantic for links, and WordPress complied.

So there you have it.  Hope that helps.

a wave to the lurkers

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And here I thought I was simply writing for my own amusement, or to just keep my family across the ocean up-to-date (hi mom), but I actually perused my weblogs today and discovered – low and behold – I have subscribers!!!  I even have subscribers to the photo blogs, Captures Light, although to all you who read my blog, it’s now just a feed for the photos I publish here.

Well hello to all.  Now that I know I actually have an audience, I’ll post more interesting stuff.  Although, my definition of ‘interesting’ may be different to yours.

Oh, and for a slight update, I’ve been buried in complicated job-related CSS for 3 days now, and my brain is mush, but it’s a fantastic feeling.  I’ve even discovered new and powerful ways to layout grids which are totally backward compatible all the way to IE5, with no hacks.  It’s brilliant.  I will expand more on this idea tomorrow hopefully.  For the time being, here’s a photo which sums up my current mood…


It’s been a long week… :)

a little bit of culture

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I just get tickled pink when I’m reconnected to things that bring me great joy.  I got the wonderful opportunity recently to combine one of my two ultimate passions – photography and theatre.  Here’s a minor confession for you all… I spent the first 23 years of my life with the ultimate goal of being on Broadway.  Yep, you heard that right, I’m an actor, and I carry all the great dramatic personality traits that most actors have (out-spoken, laughing a little too loud, over-reacting to tiny things… it’s great).  I even entered college as a Theatre major, sidelined only by the eventual overwhelming desire to eat, and therefore, I switched to Computer Engineering.  My last production to date was Hair, and I have the proud distinction of being the only cast member who did not have to strip to her birthday suit… being cast in a main character has its advantages.

Anyway, I’ve held onto the desire to eventually do theatre again, but being in Ireland, there aren’t many productions happening in our sleepy little town. However, thanks to a recent art-revival movement amoung the gen-Xers of the community, a brand new theatre company has opened up around the corner, Passionfruit Theatre, and I had the wonderful honour of documenting their opening production, East of the Sun, West of the Moon and A Pot of Broth.  Here are a few of my favourites from the evening.






family moments

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Sometimes we get opportunities to reflect on our lives, and have the fortunate outcome of feeling incredibly happy as a result. I have had many such opportunities in the recent months, and the more I continue observe and process, the more lucky I feel. I not only have an absolutely wonderful and loving family, but I have the great fortune of being able to do what I love – work, photograph, sing, play music… and live in Europe, and I couldn’t do any of it without the supportive people in my life who make it what it is.


The munchkin and the hubby go swimming once a week. This is from last summer at one of her first times in the pool, and i dug it out of the archives upon noticing how quickly she’s growing. *sniff*

gearing up

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This friday is the Athlone School of Music’s huge annual School of Rock show, effectionately named “Tadgh-fest” (pronounced “TIE-gh fest”), after the founder of the School of Music, the hardest working man in Athlone show business. :) As official photographer for the school and the counsel that supports the gig, I’m awaiting a long night filled with many downloads from my limited 8gigs of space onto my sometimes functioning laptop. Sometimes I just long for one of those photo media storage devices for easy download in the field.

In preparation for the event, I’ve been going back through my last few gigs and doing some adjustments. Here are few of the latest.

Dead Man’s Hands

Dead Man’s Hands

Dead Man’s Hands

Dead Man’s Hands

a change of pace

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I got to do something really interesting this weekend.  I got to spend the entire time with my daughter, which doesn’t usually happen as I am the working stiff in our family, and my husband is the housewife.  This of course has the knock-on effect of daddy being the parent our little munchkin goes to whenever she needs something, or falls down, or just generally needs a hug.

However, THIS weekend, my wonderful hubby became so popular, he spent most of the time out, which suited me fine as I got to be the one who kissed the boo-boos and helped further the campaign for potty-training. :)  Indeed it was a wonderful weekend, punctuated brilliantly by out little 2-year-old crawling into my lap yesterday evening to just give me a hug.  I almost cried.




An Irish Joke

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As I got a request in my blog, and a few others by email, I’ll go ahead and post the joke…

* * *

What does a single yellow line on the side of a road mean?

No Parking.

What does a double yellow line mean?

No Parking.

So why are there 2 yellow lines?

“To be sure, to be sure..”

…I told you you wouldn’t get it. :)