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Tackling Gallery2

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My archives are becoming close to impossible to manage, particularly since I post in multiple different places.  In addition, I have multiple instances in my archives of photos that really should be released as part of a series, such as times when I’m documenting a day or an event, or photographing a friend’s band.  This blog environment, and the partnered photoblog environment, are not really set-up to do that and I’d really like a section of my domain that is.


To that end, I’ve begun the task of tackling a Gallery2 install.  I’m not really happy with Gallery in its current state as I don’t really have a desire to set-up a community around the photos, I just want to be able to create albums or sets in a visually pleasing manner that’s easy to maintain and driven by a CMS. As all things that I sink my programmers mind into, it will probably wind up as highly hacked as this blog is, but HEY!  I’m always on the look out for development tasks.

If anyone has done something similar or has any words of wisdom, please pass them my way… :)

And here’s a photo-fix for you all for today.  Happy Wednesday.


From the gate to a complex around the corner from my flat.  Don’t know what Rooskey means, but it’s an awfully friendly place.

6 Responses to “Tackling Gallery2”

  1. Grumpy Frenchman:

    More projects? Ye’re craaaazy, woman! ^_^

    Where on Earth is that Rooskey place?? I’ve lived there for 3 years, you’d think I’d have seen it at some point… Maybe I really SHOULD get out more.
    Love the pic, anyways.

    Happy wednesday to you too, ma’am!

  2. Jane Hasty:

    Hey Kim! Happy “Irish Day” to you too. We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day a little early this year b/c of Easter. We had our annual South Side Parade last Sunday! It was fun as you saw in my photos. It’s a week long fest here in Chicago. Tonight we head down to see the Dropkick Murphys downtown. Thanks for commenting on my blog and I keep checking in on yours too! I just couldn’t find an email for you so I am writing here instead! Take care, Jane

  3. rob jaudon:

    Kimotay, forgive me, I am not a coder. Are you looking for something that produces an album that is configurable? I have used both Web album Generator and JAlbum before and if you are looking for something that generates the album quickly and has editable HTML pages then they should both work. However, they are not as robust a Gallery. With JAlbum you can also skin them. Not sure if this would break a code that you developers go by but for a silly blok like me it worked out just fine.

    Hope all is well.


  4. Kim:

    GrumpyFrenchman – Rooskey is the name of the apartment complex that got its windows blown out when Sean’s Bar caught fire last month. That alley just to the left of the beer garden entrance. You walk past that gate every time you walk up the river… so, you don’t need to get out more, you just need to pay more attention… :)

    Jane – anytime! So glad you had fun!

    Rob – Thank you for directing me to the other scripts, I didn’t even know they were out there. Since I don’t need Gallery’s community related functionality, perhaps your suggestions would be easier to integrate.

  5. Grumpy Frenchman:

    There was a fire??

    Ooooh boy. You’re painfully right, I’m afraid… >.<

  6. Grumpy Frenchman:

    Mmh. Someone is getting spammed. ^_^

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