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a change of pace

2008 | 11:47 am | Filed Under: Uncategorized


I got to do something really interesting this weekend.  I got to spend the entire time with my daughter, which doesn’t usually happen as I am the working stiff in our family, and my husband is the housewife.  This of course has the knock-on effect of daddy being the parent our little munchkin goes to whenever she needs something, or falls down, or just generally needs a hug.

However, THIS weekend, my wonderful hubby became so popular, he spent most of the time out, which suited me fine as I got to be the one who kissed the boo-boos and helped further the campaign for potty-training. :)  Indeed it was a wonderful weekend, punctuated brilliantly by out little 2-year-old crawling into my lap yesterday evening to just give me a hug.  I almost cried.




7 Responses to “a change of pace”

  1. The large, muscle-bound, testosterone-infused manly husband:

    houseWIFE, am I?

  2. Kim:

    Don’t listen to him, I think it’s his time of the month… :)

  3. Laura Stoller:

    how did you get the eyes to look that beautiful in the picture? oh…jealous = me! :)

  4. Grumpy Frenchman:

    In all fairness, the hubby is a real magician with a duster.

    Or should I say ‘fairy’?

    Ah well. It’s great to hear that, Kim. Bond away!

  5. lilia:

    Monchichi!! There is really nothing like the experience of having a little creature curl up in your lap for a snuggle. It’s incomparable. Glad to see you shooting again, sweet lady! :-)

  6. Sharon:

    She has the most beautiful big eyes! And how I wish that my daughter had some of those curls. So very cute!

  7. rob jaudon:


    Beautiful kids. what lens are you using for the portraits? I really need to get rid of my kit lens. Glad to see that you are back and cherish those moments when they come to you for the brief second in time.

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