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gearing up

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This friday is the Athlone School of Music’s huge annual School of Rock show, effectionately named “Tadgh-fest” (pronounced “TIE-gh fest”), after the founder of the School of Music, the hardest working man in Athlone show business. :) As official photographer for the school and the counsel that supports the gig, I’m awaiting a long night filled with many downloads from my limited 8gigs of space onto my sometimes functioning laptop. Sometimes I just long for one of those photo media storage devices for easy download in the field.

In preparation for the event, I’ve been going back through my last few gigs and doing some adjustments. Here are few of the latest.

Dead Man’s Hands

Dead Man’s Hands

Dead Man’s Hands

Dead Man’s Hands

3 Responses to “gearing up”

  1. Laura Stoller:

    love shots like these…great job!!

  2. rob Jaudon:


    Love the opening shot. Great light on the singer and with the guy hanging in the background it gives soe real depth to the photo. So from the photos it appears that you were all over the gig…in front, side, behind and the third one down, it seems that you were above the band. On someone’s shoulders??? :)

    Great captures.


  3. Jeanelle Caraway:

    Oooooh! Great job on these!!! Really eye-catching!

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