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family moments

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Sometimes we get opportunities to reflect on our lives, and have the fortunate outcome of feeling incredibly happy as a result. I have had many such opportunities in the recent months, and the more I continue observe and process, the more lucky I feel. I not only have an absolutely wonderful and loving family, but I have the great fortune of being able to do what I love – work, photograph, sing, play music… and live in Europe, and I couldn’t do any of it without the supportive people in my life who make it what it is.


The munchkin and the hubby go swimming once a week. This is from last summer at one of her first times in the pool, and i dug it out of the archives upon noticing how quickly she’s growing. *sniff*

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  1. Grumpy Frenchman:

    You have the best husband in the world, and that daughter of yours is too cute even for the Grumpy. Great pictures, she looks so happy here!

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