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a wave to the lurkers

2008 | 2:37 pm | Filed Under: Life, Miscellaneous


And here I thought I was simply writing for my own amusement, or to just keep my family across the ocean up-to-date (hi mom), but I actually perused my weblogs today and discovered – low and behold – I have subscribers!!!  I even have subscribers to the photo blogs, Captures Light, although to all you who read my blog, it’s now just a feed for the photos I publish here.

Well hello to all.  Now that I know I actually have an audience, I’ll post more interesting stuff.  Although, my definition of ‘interesting’ may be different to yours.

Oh, and for a slight update, I’ve been buried in complicated job-related CSS for 3 days now, and my brain is mush, but it’s a fantastic feeling.  I’ve even discovered new and powerful ways to layout grids which are totally backward compatible all the way to IE5, with no hacks.  It’s brilliant.  I will expand more on this idea tomorrow hopefully.  For the time being, here’s a photo which sums up my current mood…


It’s been a long week… :)

6 Responses to “a wave to the lurkers”

  1. Rob Jaudon:

    Kimotay, One word…striking. Looks like you have been in the zone coding for some time. I would love to here more on the CSS code. Glad to see that you are doing OK and thanks for the comments.


  2. Grumpy Frenchman:

    There’s something in your expression, in the shape of your hair, that rings a familiar (but un-Kim-like) bell. I look at the picture and it reminds me of someone else… But I’ll be damned if I remember who.

    Regardless, I love the picture.

  3. Lilia:

    You totally have that “I’m going to make this happen, even if I have to crawl inside my computer screen to do it” look. I know that look!!! ;-) Awesome to see you posting, lady! I may ping you for help w/ my blog…I’m no CSS goddess, and it’s giving me grumpies. xoxo, Lilia

  4. Frank van Hienen:

    Discovered that my photoblog is on your list of frequented photographers… :-)))
    Feel very proud and honoured. Thank you.

  5. lucky:

    this is a wave back from a lurker. :)

    keep up the great work, hope the CSS doesn’t mush your brain much. i’ve hacked my site from a standard template and my lack of CSS skills resulted in it taking about a month for me to get it looking the way i liked. i’m a great hacker of CSS now, i can’t code it for crap, but i’m good at modifying others. :)

  6. Kim:

    Well gosh, aren’t you all just the sweetest!! :)

    Lilia and Mulletgod – happy to be of any CSS related help I can be… I just LOVE this stuff…

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