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the unknown photographer

2008 | 2:04 pm | Filed Under: Life, Photography


Rarely do I come across something that completely surprises me, and even moves me to my core.

Upon surfing around today, i came across this blog entry from Chris Higgins, about a site he’d found that apparently, he was as moved by as I was… a collection of polaroids, taken once a day from 1979 to 1997. There are a few photo a day projects floating around on the net, but this one is quite remarkable not only for its duration, but also for its outcome. It begins during the photographer’s days in college, and ends after his tragic battle with cancer.

The Man Behind the Photos…

At first his identity was unknown, but after a little digging by the blogger, he discovered the site was the counterpart to an exhibit being prepared in New York. His work is now quickly sweeping across the internet and the impact its leaving is huge.

Take a Look

I don’t often pass along things I find on the internet, but I found this so remarkable, I couldn’t keep it to myself. Please take a look, it’s unbelievable.







3 Responses to “the unknown photographer”

  1. Grumpy Frenchman:

    That’s absolutely fascinating… 20 years? Half a life, to the end.
    All those little windows into someone’s existence, all those little memories suspended in time, no longer attached to a living person. It’s beautiful, and it’s utterly tragic.
    Thanks for passing that one along, Kim; I hadn’t heard of it myself.
    20 years…

  2. rob Jaudon:

    Is that not the most incredible project. It is amazing. I was blow away as well.


  3. jenn:

    stunning- and nearly painful.

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