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New Site!

2008 | 10:16 am | Filed Under: Life, Miscellaneous, Web Technologies


Well hello to everyone who continues to read my blog. I’m always surprised when I look at my logs and discover I actually have subscribers. :)

Anyway, I wanted to let you know I have not abandoned this blog… my whole presence is being redesigned as I realise I have far too many projects going on, so it’s going to be restructured as a visual workspace that jumps into each individual project.

First on the list is a Music Photography focused site that I just launched, to target the audience that searches for those photos, mainly, the bands and musicians of Ireland.  You can find it here:

My new role as official shooter for A.M.P. has made most of my time now spent in the music arena documenting the bands and musicians of the area, so I’ve been posting there with great frequency.


Look for the new coming soon… :)

the unknown photographer

2008 | 2:04 pm | Filed Under: Life, Photography


Rarely do I come across something that completely surprises me, and even moves me to my core.

Upon surfing around today, i came across this blog entry from Chris Higgins, about a site he’d found that apparently, he was as moved by as I was… a collection of polaroids, taken once a day from 1979 to 1997. There are a few photo a day projects floating around on the net, but this one is quite remarkable not only for its duration, but also for its outcome. It begins during the photographer’s days in college, and ends after his tragic battle with cancer.

The Man Behind the Photos…

At first his identity was unknown, but after a little digging by the blogger, he discovered the site was the counterpart to an exhibit being prepared in New York. His work is now quickly sweeping across the internet and the impact its leaving is huge.

Take a Look

I don’t often pass along things I find on the internet, but I found this so remarkable, I couldn’t keep it to myself. Please take a look, it’s unbelievable.







bundles of energy

2008 | 1:32 pm | Filed Under: Life, Photography


I haven’t posted about my daughter in a bit, and i’ve discovered that a majority of people who come here are usually only interested in 2 things – the live music photos, or the children photos… Don’t I just love you all. :)

More CSS love coming to you soon… !




She just loves that water pump…

a wave to the lurkers

2008 | 2:37 pm | Filed Under: Life, Miscellaneous


And here I thought I was simply writing for my own amusement, or to just keep my family across the ocean up-to-date (hi mom), but I actually perused my weblogs today and discovered – low and behold – I have subscribers!!!  I even have subscribers to the photo blogs, Captures Light, although to all you who read my blog, it’s now just a feed for the photos I publish here.

Well hello to all.  Now that I know I actually have an audience, I’ll post more interesting stuff.  Although, my definition of ‘interesting’ may be different to yours.

Oh, and for a slight update, I’ve been buried in complicated job-related CSS for 3 days now, and my brain is mush, but it’s a fantastic feeling.  I’ve even discovered new and powerful ways to layout grids which are totally backward compatible all the way to IE5, with no hacks.  It’s brilliant.  I will expand more on this idea tomorrow hopefully.  For the time being, here’s a photo which sums up my current mood…


It’s been a long week… :)