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Viewing the ordinary

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You’d think that after much rest, one might feel renewed, however the reality is that one just feels more tired. My doctor tells me to expect to feel “in recovery” for up to 8 weeks. I don’t know about you, but that sounds faily unlikely too me… at least it did, until I actually tried it, and noticed I’m certianly not up to par yet.

Anyway, I’ve been dabbling in my archives looking for photos with not much subject to help explore different theories of compotions and layout grids.  It keeps me occupied until I have the energy to pick up my camera and actually be aggressive about getting back into the swing of things. Here are a couple I’ve worked on so far (worked on being employed creative cropping to improve composition).  Both were taken outside my flat.  That brick wall makes regular appearances in my photos.


The infamous brick wall. Look for it soon in a background near you!!


There’s an irish joke about parking lines, which I would repeat, but sadly, no one outside this country will get it.

Well, hello!

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I first want to say thank you to all the lovely people who emailed me regarding my hiatus. I apologise for my recent absence. As those of you who already know me in person are aware, I’ve actually been in hospital for a while, but not to worry anyone, I’m perfectly fine now, and quite grateful for the few weeks of rest I managed to received.


Observe the evidence (taken in the E.R. while waiting for my bed to be prepped) … I happened to have my camera with me when I was admitted, as the day had started as a normal day at work, one in which I was hoping to capture some abstract images of the metal fencing outside our building on my lunch break. Instead, I got to document my experience in hospital which did garner a few strange looks from the nurses, but certainly kept me entertained while spending so much time away from my family. In addition, being hospitalised for a spell certainly puts one’s life in perspective, and I am now filled with renewed energy to document my life more (hence the hospital-themed photos), so believe it or not, I actually started a ‘picture a day’ project. Clear some room, I’m hopping on the bandwagon!



Look for a new section appearing shortly which will chronicle the daily life of the Lightholder clan. I’ll tell you now, I’m taking a photo everyday, but I will probably not post it everyday. All entries will be dated though, so you can observe as my hair begins to slowly turn grey.

And another one…

This is after I was settled into my room, and so began an excercise in not being bored. I purposely imposed a hyper small d.o.f. on this photo so as not to disturb anyone who is squeamish about medical stuff. The blob in the foreground is actually my i.v.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Fall, leaves, fall

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Fall, leaves, fall; die, flowers, away;
Lengthen night and shorten day;
Every leaf speaks bliss to me
Fluttering from the autumn tree.

I shall smile when wreaths of snow
Blossom where the rose should grow;
I shall sing when night’s decay
Ushers in a drearier day.

- Emily Jane Brontë

…and all too quickly, they’re gone.




May they come back soon.


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Life can be a mess, but there is always beauty to be found in imagery.




Tackling Gallery2

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My archives are becoming close to impossible to manage, particularly since I post in multiple different places.  In addition, I have multiple instances in my archives of photos that really should be released as part of a series, such as times when I’m documenting a day or an event, or photographing a friend’s band.  This blog environment, and the partnered photoblog environment, are not really set-up to do that and I’d really like a section of my domain that is.


To that end, I’ve begun the task of tackling a Gallery2 install.  I’m not really happy with Gallery in its current state as I don’t really have a desire to set-up a community around the photos, I just want to be able to create albums or sets in a visually pleasing manner that’s easy to maintain and driven by a CMS. As all things that I sink my programmers mind into, it will probably wind up as highly hacked as this blog is, but HEY!  I’m always on the look out for development tasks.

If anyone has done something similar or has any words of wisdom, please pass them my way… :)

And here’s a photo-fix for you all for today.  Happy Wednesday.


From the gate to a complex around the corner from my flat.  Don’t know what Rooskey means, but it’s an awfully friendly place.


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It’s really interesting.  To look back on my life 3 years ago, and to compare it to now reveals much more than obvious changes that having children would entail.  As my friends and family will no doubt confirm, I’ve always been fairly sensitive and a little over-emotional, reacting strongly to things unrelated to me that probably would not phase the average person. While I’ve often felt a slight sense of pride over this, it’s also made being around me an interesting adventure for those who know me.

Now however, my emotions have been cranked into overdrive, and it is not simply post-pregnancy hormones as my daughter is now 2 years old.  Just 3 weeks ago, my husband had to accept a phone call from me, crying outside my office building in the middle of the work day, as I had just read a story on friend’s blog about her baby daughter that had me uncontrollably upset.  I’ve discovered I simply can no longer hear stories of children in pain or distress of any kind.  I suppose that would be an obvious button for anyone, but I’m facinated by how strongly my emotional reactions have changed.

Case and point, an online friend made a cry for help on her blog about a woman she knows whose daughter has a rare genetic disorder which will claim her life by the time she’s four.  Her only wish is to take her daughter to see the ocean during her life, and the Make A Wish Foundation would not grant it because they claimed the daughter was too young to benefit from it. This blogger however decided that since she receives 500 visitors to her blog a day, she would set up a donation account on Pay Pal and ask visitors to donate any amount of money so they could fund the family of six to reach the East Coast.  After reading her entry, I, for the first time in my life, made a €10 donation simply because I could not stop crying at the family’s hardship.  Four years ago, I would have been very sad and would have felt for the family, but I can say with completely honesty, I probably would not have had as strong of a reaction.

Perhaps becoming a mother has made me a better person. :)

Tribulations of the curious

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My apologies to all my loyal readers, I did not mean to keep you in suspense, it was a very busy weekend and didn’t get a chance to get to the computer at all.

Indeed .melissa. and JeezoPeezo guessed the oddity in the last photograph. Oddly, it was really obvious to them, i thought it was harder to spot. It took me a good couple minutes to notice anyway… Maybe I don’t pay close enough attention to my own photographs. Thank you both for participating in my ridiculous game. It made me smile anyway.

On an unrelated note…

I’ve been doing serious thinking about the things that get my brain really excited. I find great satisfaction in understanding the intricacies behind how miniscule things work, particularly when it relates to something I love, like photography, or computers, or anything else that crosses my path. It’s not enough for me to just know how to read a histogram, I have to understand exactly what the information means and how it’s coelated. I’m not happy knowing that adjusting certain sliders in Lightroom will give me a predictable effect, I need to understand exactly what each individual option does, and why it’s there in the first place. I’ve always been this way. Ask my parents (like the time I announced I could tune the piano after spending weeks investigating the inner-workings… they didn’t let me obviously… i could have done it by the way, i’m THAT confident).

I’m quite easily sidetracked by my tunnel-vision, to the exclusion of all other things until my curiosity is satisfied, much to the chagrin of my poor dear husband. Sound familiar to anyone? Raise your hand if you’re a geek!! Here’s you badge, you’re in friendly company.

I like to research these things because they make me happy, but it occurs to me that perhaps the things I discover might benefit others who either don’t already know, or are as curious as I am, but lack the time to investigate it themselves. SO! Expect to find a new series of articles based around my attempts to pick apart the details that are involved in this creative endeavour we like to call, “Our Addition to Photography”.

And in the words of Brenda, what’s a post without photos? Here ya go…

Sunday Memories

Another from the red jumper series. i love this one if only for the look on my darling husband’s face. They have so much fun together, my heart could literally burst.

Quality Time

Spotted this mother and son sitting by the river and sniped them with my telephoto. Something about the moment really touched me.

Music in Bokeh

Yes, that’s my bass guitar, and yes, I love it to pieces. Oh, I’m in a band, Kerbside, for those of you that didn’t know. I fancy myself a budding Paul McCartney as I’m no Flea… I actually took this photo after a gig where the husband and myself played a huge venue with Mundy! To all my non-irish readers, Mundy is the irish Bob Dylan – in his early years. Really really nice guy, and he had hubby back him on mandolin for his current irish hit, “Galway Girl”. Good times were had by all…


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In keeping with my early exclamation that I needed to start photographing my own life more, here’s the latest of my darling husband. Don’t you just love taking photos of your significant others that make you sigh and smile?

I believe he had had a particularly rough day with our little girl, but still always has the energy to greet me with a hug when I get home, and give me a smile when I take out my camera. He also happens to have one of those faces that looks fantastically fabulous with any look he happens to adorn. Our wedding album is full of relaxed portraits of him hanging out with a look worthy of a moody Paul Newman, while all my own portrait shots taken when the photographer said “don’t smile” just make me look like I’m scowling. Something about my nose. Thanks Dad. :)

Moody Husband

Processed using my own RAW preset I’ve been working on. In fact, I will happily give away this preset (well actually, it’s a preset and an action) to the first person besides GrumpyFrenchman who can spot the oddity in this photo. :)

Sorry GF, people who have lived with us are excluded, besides, what would you do with a preset anyway?

The time has come

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Here’s a quick peak at a series I’ve been working on for a few weeks. This red cardigan was actually hand-knitted for me by my grandmother when I was 2 years old, and I’ve been saving it my whole life, waiting for the day that my own daughter would be able to wear it.This day was the first (and I think only) day she was big enough to wear it, so I had to take her to one of my favourite locations, the Athlone Castle, since the old stone gives fantastic texture and a nice monochromatic background.

And additionally, I’ve decided to make the switch. I’m beginning to see more and more of my photos pop-up in unlikely, and unassociated places, so I’ve started water-marking. I’ve had issue with this for quite sometime, as I’ve always felt that watermarks punish 99% of the audience who simply want to enjoy photography, however, since I’m now posting more and more photos of my daughter, (and bands who get really picky for some reason), I realise I need to take that extra step towards protection. So please forgive me loyal photo viewers. I’ve entered the watermarking world, and I hope it doesn’t detract from your viewing experience.

Look at me!

Playing with daddy on the 2000 year old wall.

Sittin’ in the Morning Sun

Every time we walk out to the river, she stops at these blocks and has a seat. Not sure why, but it’s particularly adorable.

Wishing the Well Dry

This is another time honoured tradition on our walks around the castle. This old water well has been there for at least a couple hundred years I think, since Athlone is a very old garrison town on the River Shannon. I think each time she goes up to it, she expects water to come out, and always gets disappointed when nothing happens.

Where did she go?

Another regularly occurring look on my daughter’s face… she’ll turn around thinking, “Mommy was just here a second ago…”

Family time

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My photography for last 6 months or so has fortunately been filled with a good deal of client work, however, all clients have been bands, therefore, a large majority (even larger than just a majority) of my shots lately have been live music. Gigs are actually a fantastic thing to shoot, and I’ve learned more during that time about light and live action shooting than I have at any other time in the past. While I’m still loving the music sessions, I’m beginning to long for more day-to-day documentary style shots, like the stuff I was doing during our round-the-world honeymoon. Live music is a leeching obsession, as not only was I photographing the gigs, but I started photographing musicians outside the gigs, guitarists hanging out in our flat (of which there are many), taking my camera to rehearsals, taking my camera everywhere and at the end of the day, wind up with a chip full of artistic details shots of a headstock and so on…

That being said, I’ve begun to realise I’ve been neglecting photographing my own life, which is basically how we all started anyway, isn’t it? So this post is for my husband who unfortunately, has yet to make a significant appearance in my photoblog, save a random shot from Christmas Eve, which just happens to be one of my favourite photos of all time… so HA! :)

So here’s a few snippets from a random afternoon in our home, taken last month I think. I can’t believe how fast she’s growing… *sniff*



Taking a Nap

All photos processed using my own Lightroom presets.

(I’ve been getting a few enquiries on Flickr, and once I’ve perfected them for more all-purpose use, I may release them. Until then, I encourage all of you to play and explore yoruselves, you’ll be amazed what you can discover.)